Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting started

Grabbing memories. The older I get the more I find that memories are like the smoke rising from a fireplace. Some parts a thick and deep and other parts are like wisps... thin and vanishing quickly.

I remember a very few things before I was three years old. There is a rather strong memory of playing with a dog... I believe it was my Uncle Paul's. Other than that.. pretty much a blank.

There are a few more memories of the years from three to six living in Coral Gables, Florida while Daddy was going to the University of Miami Law School. I can remember my school, I can remember a man playing an accordion, a storm, the beach, playing with a friend, the kitchen in our home....

Then back to New York for three years and many, many more memories. Way too many to list.

When I was nine we moved to Cocoa Beach, Florida. The rest of my growing up time was spent there. Those memories will be stronger.

This blog will attempt to catalog those memories and using photos try and make a story that will not only be readable but also allow others to comment and add their observations. It isn't that I think my memories are particularly interesting but I want to get some kind of record before I do forget it all and can no longer share.

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